Greater Victoria BC Parging Repair

Parging Repair in The Greater Victoria BC Area

What is Parging

Parging is a specialized coating applied to both the exterior and interior foundation walls of buildings in order to combat deterioration caused by natural elements and aging. While it is not primarily used for waterproofing, the cement-based parging creates a water-resistant barrier similar to caulking, helping to keep your property dry. By applying a parge coat, your masonry will gain enhanced protection against the wet climate of Greater Victoria, including rain and occasional snow. Additionally, parging can effectively conceal imperfections on concrete foundations, restoring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Given its critical function, parging requires the expertise of a skilled contractor to ensure correct application and prevent future damage to your property. Without proper installation, moisture can become trapped between the parge coat and the wall, leading to potential moisture-related issues. For a smooth surface that stands the test of time, it is crucial to entrust your parging needs to experienced professionals.

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At Parkes Plastering Ltd, we take pride in getting it right the first time. With over 10 years of experience, we have been delivering exceptional quality and reliable parging repair services to our valued clients. Our team of experts possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that your parging is applied correctly, providing you with peace of mind. When you choose Parkes Plastering Ltd for your parging needs, you can expect outstanding results.

When it comes to parging, some individuals attempt to create their own mixture, but at Parkes Plastering Ltd, there is no guesswork involved. We prioritize the use of high-quality products, including our parging mix, which is carefully selected for its optimal consistency. This attention to detail guarantees an attractive and functional finish for our work. The difference between a well-executed parging job and a subpar one is noticeable, which is why you should choose Parkes Plastering Ltd to ensure your property receives the highest quality craftsmanship.

If you are dissatisfied with your current parging or if you attempted a DIY approach that didn’t yield satisfactory results, give us a call today. Our professionals will take care of your home, providing impeccable parging that enhances both the look and feel of your property.

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Benefits of Parging

Insulation: Even in the milder winters of Greater Victoria, insulation remains essential. Parging serves as a protective layer for your walls, shielding them from extreme cold temperatures that can potentially cause damage to your home.

Strength and Preservation: Parging not only increases the durability of your walls but also strengthens the entire foundation. If you reside in an older house that requires reinforcement, parging is an excellent choice for preserving and reinforcing your foundation for years to come.

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